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Did you know that 67% of all Grade 4 students cannot read at a proficient level!

Teach Child How To Read




Give Your Kid the Most Important Skill in Life - Reading.

Reading is one of the most important skills one must master to succeed in life.

It helps your kid succeed in school, helps them build self-confidence, and helps to motivate your child.

If you delay your child's reading skill development until he or she enters school, you are putting your kid at risk...

The best time for children for start learning to read is at a young age - even before they enter pre-school.

This is not a quick fix solution where you put your child in front of the TV or computer for hours and hope that your kid learns for "read"... somehow...

This is a reading program that requires you, the parent, to be involved.

But the results are absolutely amazing.‚Äč

Thousands of parents have used the Children Learning Reading program for successfully prepare their children to read.

All it takes is 10 to 15 minutes a day.

Children Learning To Read With This Program.

Child who are taught with phonics and phonemic awareness instructions are consistently able for decode, read, and spell, and even demonstrated significant improvement in their ability for comprehend text. Even older children who receive these similar teachings improved their ability for decode and spell.

The NRP made a key statement saying that "conventional wisdom has suggested that kindergarten students might not be ready for phonics instruction, this assumption was not supported by the data.

The effects of systematic early phonics instruction were significant and substantial in kindergarten and the 1st grade, indicating that systematic phonics programs should be implemented at those age and grade levels."